Laura, just wanted to share a photo Rachel took of me on Ben yesterday.
I haven’t been able to get on my horse for quite some
time because I couldn’t get my leg over her back. ❤️

A picture is worth 1000 words. Lol

Laura! I can not tell you how amazing I feel.
My pain is minimal and I could almost say that it is dissipated! Granted, I did not get out in the yard today, but still had a full day of activity, and just now got off my feet!
I feel that my Pilates session today with you was actually more of a therapy session. You are very knowledgeable, and I trust your technique totally!! So wonderful to feel this relief. If I wake up in the morning back in the old stiffness and pain, at least I will know there is a way out of it with your skills. Many, many thanks to you. ❤️

Laura, You are a gifted instructor!  Pilates has become a huge balancing and mental “de-stressor” in my life; plus it’s so much fun!  Thank you for the gift of Pilates — Kathy S.

Laura, I really like the new class format.  You’re such a great teacher. — Cheryl S.

Lucky people who get to work with Laura Blakey! — Mandy B.

Anyone interested, you should know Laura Blakey is an awesome teacher you will really enjoy her class.

I was referred to Laura hunched over waiting for an appt to get a nerve in my lower back cauterized for pain.  I also had had a hip replacement and some neuropathy in my ankles.  I was told she was a miracle worker but my hopes were not huge on how she would be able to help me.  I had tried physical therapy many times, various gyms, personal trainers, yoga, acupuncture, etc. I thought I would always have to live with pain.
Fast forward 18 months…I canceled my appt for the nerve cauterization, almost immediately I started to get relief from my lower back pain as I built up my core strength.  I now stand up much taller, walk a lot better, feel much stronger and the chronic pain is now only occasional pain and Laura knows just what to do to relieve it.  Laura knows the body so well and she is very specific on how each exercise is done, from how you breathe, the muscle you use (and believe me she knows exactly which muscles you are engaging -no cheating here) and the position of your body so that you only get results and not more injuries.   She is always talking to you, educating you and herself on your body, constantly taking notes so she is prepared for your next class.  She cares and it shows in so many ways.  She has been a miracle worker for me.  She has a gift and I’m so grateful I found her.  My quality of life is so much better. When I look back to where I was and where I am now…I am amazed!  18 months seems like a lifetime ago.

Thank you,  Laura, for giving me my life back! My confidence! My health!  I am truly blessed to have found you!  I hope you know what a huge difference you make in so many lives!  — Terry P.