Pilates Classes:
Private and Group

Pilates Barre ClassesBeginner to Advanced

This is a fun energetic class. It utilizes Pilates principles and incorporates music and the ballet bar. This class is designed to tone, strengthen,lengthen and improve concentration. This class is appropriate for everyone, beginner to advanced.

Circuit Pilates ClassesBeginner to Advanced

This a great way to discover the benefits of the different apparatus. A typical class will include the Reformer, Trap Table, Pilates Chair, Spine Corrector, and Ladder Barrel. Because each individual is working at their own pace on their own piece of equipment it's appropriate for anyone from beginner to advanced.

Combination Mat & Equipment Pilates ClassesBeginner to Advanced

This class bridges the gap from intermediate to advanced clients. It introduces the more advanced exercises and moves at a quicker pace.

Private Pilates ClassesBeginner to Advanced

These classes are tailored to the personal needs of the client. These students can range from beginners not familiar with Pilates or the Equipment to advanced clients performing very difficult moves. Private classes are also ideal for clients with special needs such as preexisting medical conditions requiring targeted or rehabilitative work.

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