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I never grow tired of practicing Pilates!

My life has revolved around fitness. I moved from Aerobics to Yoga to Boot Camp type training programs that were strenuous but I never felt satisfied. Then in 2008, I completed a Mat Pilates training course with DeWitt Pilates and I was intrigued by the mind and body concept of working out, so much so that I wanted to learn more. This led me to discover Streamline Pilates in Salt Lake City, UT. This is where I completed my Instructors Certification. This was a very satisfying and challenging program of hands on and written lessons that left me excited for the future and I’ve been teaching ever since.

I continue to develop my education and teaching skills through classes and hands on interaction with other instructors. In 2015, I also completed a Balance Body Barre certification to help round out my programs. I love teaching barre and find the music adds an amazing energy to the work. I strive for a holistic approach to fitness and bring all I’ve learned to my clients.

I continue to be amazed how applicable Pilates is to every body, no matter the age, condition or gender.

I am a life long lover of Pilates because it takes more than just lifting weights to get a Pilates Body!

Laura Blakey
Pilates Body

Pilates Body Laura

Individual or Group Classes

Students can range from beginners not familiar with Pilates or the Equipment to advanced clients performing very difficult moves.

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